Monday, 15 August 2016

How To Improve Writing Skills In The Workplace

Why are good writing skills so crucial in the workplace? Communication skills are key to the operation of any business or place of employment. And written communication - whether good or bad - certainly has a major impact on the effectiveness and productivity of the workplace.
Poor written communication in the workplace can cause:
  • a poor company image. If you are lucky this can be contained within the company. If you are unlucky it can become visible to all outsiders - customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, etc. Once your image begins to “leak,” for whatever reason, it is almost impossible to retrieve your good image.
  • loss of customers. Have you ever received a poorly written letter from a company with which you did business? Did it make you want to continue with that company, or take your business to another supplier that seemed more reliable and professional?
  • lost and wasted time. Those who are not fluid writers generally also are not quick writers.
  • loss of revenues and profits due to a reduction or loss of business.
  • growth in overhead and other costs from misunderstandings, employee dissatisfaction or turnover, inefficiencies, legal complications, etc.
  • improper application of procedures, damage to equipment, physical injury to workers, and more.
  • diminished morale. Employees can lose loyalty and respect for their workplace.
Good written communication in the workplace, however, can:
  • Make an enterprise appear reliable, professional and worthy of a customer’s business, as well as improve customer loyalty
  • Improve the relationships between employees at every level
  • Engender employee loyalty and pride in the workplace
  • Make the workplace a more pleasant and safe environment
  • Save corporate time and money
  • Improve financial results
The important question is: How can written communication in the workplace be improved?
Every employee at every level should be encouraged to use a powerful English writing software program (other than just a simple word-processor) for instant spell checking, grammar checking, and contextual word and style enhancement. Everyone makes occasional written mistakes. But a good proofreading writer’s program will detect and correct those instantly with the push of a single computer key. Even good writers will learn from such programs and improve their writing skills. Poor writers will see a major improvement.
A powerful but inexpensive writing software program is a great investment for all workers to improve their writing skills. Good English writing skills will make them more valuable employees.
It’s even wiser for organizations to provide such software to all employees as powerful work tools. The benefits will more than cover the costs many times over, as employees learn and practice good written communication skills and add to the overall productivity, and profitability, of the business.

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